Jeans 40x32 $5 eachShorts 38, 40 $5 eachShirts XL, XXL $2 eachCoat XL $ 10Posted pics are just a sle.I have 2 pairs of Jeans, about 20 pairs of shorts, about 10 shirts, and 1 coat.
Women clothes You can buy All it together for $ 34.00You dont have to buy all of this together these are just optionsItem number 1266This is a womans short black sweater that goes where your ribs are at. Its cute with long shirt underneath it.Its in good condition.The size on this says size 9 but its more like a size smallIm asking $ 5.00Item number 1267This is a womans sleeveless long teal gre...
I have for sale several pairs of shorts and one skirt from American Eagle, Buckle Forever 21 that have barely been worn.Faded Jean Shorts American Eagle, Size 4, $20Black Shorts American Eagle, Size 4, $15Jean Shorts American Eagle, Size 6, $20White Jean Shorts Buckle, Size 26, $20White Forever 21 Skirt, Size Meduim, $20If you are interested please call or text me . Thanks
1 Pair ATHLETIC Shorts size 810 BLK. color . Has 2 pockets and is drawstring. Made of 65 cotton30 poly5 spandex. 1 Pair MYI BLUE JEANS HIGH RISE short shorts size 5 2 back and 1 small front pocket. Made of 74 cotton24 poly2 spandex. Both are in good shape. Both for 10.00 PLEASE CALL